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» blackhawk - 14-12-09:27 -- Time flies! Beth was killed over 70 years ago. Still no solution.
» Roland - 13-12-21:55 -- You have to wonder if, on the Matt Gordon inventory list, the "ring" and the "letters" were connected to Beth Short...
» Dom.. - 13-12-21:48 -- Dateline: San Diego, December 14, 1946 (71 years ago): Beth at French home. Local investigators described her actions that day as "Loafed."
» Chigurh - 13-12-21:40 -- Dateline: San Fernando Valley, mid-December: Hot & Dry.
» Deputy - 13-12-21:33 -- Thank you, BostonRob. We will pass the correction along.
» BostonRob - 13-12-21:16 -- BDIH: Excellent job on the new information (to me anyway) on Matt Gordon (since the last time that I looked). Smile
» BostonRob - 13-12-21:12 -- No "n" in interment. Smile
» BostonRob - 13-12-21:11 -- I meant "Report" of Interment.
» BostonRob - 13-12-21:10 -- BDIH regarding Matt Gordon. You might want to change "Form of Internment" to "Form of Interment." Just a suggestion.
» JackB - 13-12-14:14 -- Well, 'Mr Fumes', you haven't responded to my post on the 'Conspiracey' thread .. . c'mon you old man.. Hehe
» BostonRob - 13-12-14:07 -- It's not really pressure, it's just that the forum can't survive without the posting. I think Danny is still going strong but I am running of fumes.
» Curfew - 13-12-12:11 -- We just canceled over 100 members who never post and who rarely lurk. Those of you, such as Jigsaw Jane, who occasionally post, are welcome. This forum is about interaction and discussion.
» Jigsaw Jane - 13-12-11:29 -- If someone is telling I have to post or get out, I read that as "pressure."
» Deputy - 13-12-10:30 -- Jigsaw Jane: You post. No pressure.
» Danny - 13-12-10:00 -- Chig, try now.
» Jigsaw Jane - 13-12-00:22 -- Is lurking so terrible? I don't like feeling pressured to post. Seems manipulative.
» BostonRob - 12-12-19:25 -- Did folks see the message to lurkers?
» Chigurh - 12-12-17:54 -- Danny, your mailbox is full again.
» Dom.. - 11-12-18:19 -- It's still horribly dry. It's a nightmare.
» BostonRob - 11-12-14:44 -- I drove from San Diego to San Francesco three days before the fires started and I remember thinking about how dry everything looked.
» Danny - 11-12-10:44 -- Rob, I understand that Southern California wildfires are a thing but in the middle of December? That's a bit unusual.
» JackB - 10-12-12:46 -- One of you guys stole our favourite prince. Butbut
» BostonRob - 09-12-20:00 -- Try Boston, Jack. It takes about $1.5 million in Boston to get something that would be about $600,000 in San Diego.
» JackB - 09-12-14:56 -- I thought SD was a lovely place. However, the property prices are horrific. Same old story all over the world; nice = expensive. Although, I think my favourite place to live in the whole of the USA would be Santa Fe.
» BostonRob - 08-12-15:38 -- I grew up in San Diego. We had lots of fires out in the boondocks. I was once on a survey team sent out to record the damage. The burned-out houses were still smoking.