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» Danny - 22-05-19:51 -- Jorum, a lot of Boomers are homeless too though. It's depressing watching some of that stuff on YouTube.
» Jorum of skee - 22-05-17:51 -- Many of the young homeless men & women do not see a promising future. The current generation suffers from the greed of the older generation.
» Danny - 22-05-07:26 -- Rob, oh I agree. I remember when my wife and I were going to school in Hollywood. There was this African-American guy who was a popular topic among students. He clearly had mental health issues. He supposedly jumped on a student's car one time and started banging on his windshield. I witnessed the man walking down the street one day, he spun around on his heel, started violently pointing his finger and verbally berating the air. There was literally no one there but he clearly thought there was. I agree with many who criticize Reagan for cutting funding for the mentally ill. That being said, state run hospitals were very controversial. I think there needs to be a balance between public and private mental health care facilities and ones that are more like rehab and retirement centers. For serious cases, hospitals should be an option. Our mental health care needs to be far more robust than it is.
» BostonRob - 21-05-16:07 -- One cause of homelessness is lack of medical coverage. Medical bankruptcies. Gotta love America. The most expensive medical care in the world and one of the few developed countries with no decent medical coverage system. Even Mexico can afford to do what we, apparently, cannot. JackB, you are fortunate to be where you are. And you don't have once-a-week mass shootings either. Wish I lived in a civilized place but I'm a little old to move now. Almost moved to England 15 years ago.
» BostonRob - 21-05-16:01 -- Homelessness in general persists because people don't care if others are homeless.
» BostonRob - 21-05-16:00 -- California in part, has a problem with homelessness as the homeless tend to seek out livable climates. Try being homeless in Boston. Although in MA the homeless are generally treated better because everyone in MA knows that the homeless often die in winter without assistance.
» BostonRob - 21-05-15:57 -- She is far from the typical homeless person. "If I want to change my lifestyle I can and I will." Homeless, in part, by choice. Try being homeless and psychotic with no family, no friends, no money, no hope.
» Danny - 21-05-14:52 -- Very sad Jack. The young gal in the video that I posted sounds like an intelligent person who doesn't really want to be where she is at in life. It's possible she's addicted but it doesn't sound or look like it. It sounds like she might have simply come from a crap home life.
» JackB - 21-05-13:13 -- Dreadful stuff, Roland. Every big city in the 'Free World' has places like this.
» Danny - 21-05-12:27 -- Dehliah Homeless In Hollywood.
» Danny - 21-05-12:04 -- Powerfull video, Roland. Is that you filming? San Pedro, that's JAW's old stopping ground, isn't it? Why does Los Angeles and California, in general seem to have such a huge problem with homelessness?
» Roland - 20-05-22:26 -- They're sleeping on L.A. streets too:
» JackB - 18-05-13:31 -- Just now watching the evening BBC news on TV. People sleeping on the streets of London, waiting for the Royal Wedding Procession tomorrow Hehe
» BostonRob - 18-05-13:25 -- Indeed I do, JackB.
» BostonRob - 18-05-13:25 -- Indeed I do, JackB.
» JackB - 18-05-02:54 -- Yes indeed, the Princes in the Tower, Edward and Richard (12 & 9 yo). Edward was due to be crowned King after his dad Edward IV died. So their uncle Richard took them to the Tower of London for their 'safety' - and they both totally disappeared, no bodies, nothing. The mystery was never solved, just like that of the Black Dahlia! But at least they found her body. Of course, Uncle Richard then became King Richard III. So most people think that he killed his own dead brother's two young sons. You have such nice ancestors Rob!
» BostonRob - 17-05-18:49 -- Ah, Jack, we know that. Nobody is going to sack the Queen. I have photos of her making radio broadcasts during WW2. I've seen the Queen you know. Yes, yes. Been to the palace. I really like the giant hats those palace guards wear. And don't forget that the Princes in the Tower were relatives of mine as well (although one of them was actually the King.
» JackB - 17-05-13:52 -- I should perhaps add that, these days, our (much loved) royal family is nevertheless ultimately under the control of the democratically-elected British Government. So, if it came to the crunch, the Goverment could actually sack the Queen. However, she is much loved by the British people (including me) so any Government that chose to do so would be taking a huge, huge, gamble and would probably destroy themselves by even suggesting it. The Briish people adore their Queen.
» JackB - 17-05-12:18 -- He certainly would, Rob. Oh yes, he certainly would ... he's your ancestor, is he not?
» BostonRob - 17-05-12:00 -- And regard to the succession, Richard III would know what to do about that!
» BostonRob - 17-05-11:59 -- Yes, of course, a slip of the mind.
» JackB - 17-05-03:17 -- Hey Rob, the Queen is Harry's grandma, not his mom! His mom was the tragically late Princess Diana. Harry is actually 6th in line to the throne - after his dad (Charles) his older brother (William) and Williams three children (respectively, George, Charlotte and, just recently, baby Louis)
» BostonRob - 16-05-14:21 -- Oh, yeah, JackB, we are big Royal watchers. Smile After all we used to be colonials, remember? I wish Harry's mom would step down, William would abdicate and Harry would be King. Short of that, we Plantagenets should return forthwith to our rightful place in English society.
» JackB - 16-05-14:07 -- American actress Meghan Markle marries our Prince Harry on Saturday. The British media is just crazy about it - a Big Royal Wedding is coming down- all paid for by us British taxpayers!! Has the US media picked up on this?
» Danny - 15-05-15:26 -- I'm not a big fan but I've noticed that the Trekkers always did know how to cast some beautiful females.