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» Jorum of skee - 19-01-14:55 -- Cool new rotator pics!
» BostonRob - 19-01-14:02 -- I understand about the aches and pains.
» War Eagle - 18-01-21:30 -- I wish BR, but my aches and pains tell the real story.
» BostonRob - 16-01-19:59 -- Seventy-one. No, not believable. They probably didn't tell you the truth about your birthday!
» War Eagle - 15-01-20:42 -- Got you beat BR. I turned 71 Jan 10. Queen of the mountain! Early Happy Birthday to you! ????
» War Eagle - 15-01-10:53 -- RIP Beth. God knows who is responsible and will deal with it.
» BostonRob - 14-01-19:37 -- Got ya' beat, Jack. I'll be 68 in two days. You're a youngster!
» JackB - 14-01-15:10 -- I agree (mostly) I'm now 66 and have fond memories of the pre-PC age. But I embrace the internet society - it's more good than bad (IMO).
» kawaglia - 14-01-14:15 -- I dislike Amazon because it has usurped our local bookstores. Progress marches on. ????
» JackB - 14-01-14:09 -- OK kawaglia - I seriously doubt that it will be in stock at any bookstore close to me! They will only offer to order it (from Amazon!) and charge me double.
» kawaglia - 14-01-13:52 -- Thank you, Jack B.
» JackB - 14-01-13:21 -- Amazon $16.95
» kawaglia - 13-01-17:18 -- Me, too. Thus, my interest.
» BostonRob - 13-01-17:07 -- I would like to know where this evidence about an "altered" date comes from.
» kawaglia - 13-01-16:31 -- That's a totally new premise! Makes me want to read the book. Jack B., can you stroll by a bookstore and see if the book looks legit before I buy it?
» JackB - 13-01-12:49 -- So, LAPD 'altered the date that she had disappeared'. Meaning that she didn't disappear right after leaving Biltmore? Meaning that the 'missing week' sightings may have been be genuine after all? So maybe officer McBride DID talk to Beth Short just a couple hours before she was killed?
» War Eagle - 13-01-12:03 -- Hey BR! It’s getting close to the anniversary and I missed you...just a little bit.
» BostonRob - 12-01-22:00 -- "War Eagle?" Are you kidding me? Never thought I'd see a return!
» War Eagle - 12-01-19:23 -- left coast fan..that may be where I remember that from. I may have the book here.
» leftcoastfan - 12-01-19:09 -- It would be unfortunate if the Morgan Paris book offers nothing new.. just a rehash if Wolf’s book where Beth is slaughterredin a Bungalow. Of Wiltshire and cops let the killers go because of police courtesy cards
» kawaglia - 12-01-15:23 -- It reminds me of the premise of Wolfe's book. Bugsy and the boys killed her for Chandler, the newspaper owner who called in some favors with the gangster squad or LAPD. Been awhile since I've read it.
» War Eagle - 12-01-15:13 -- I read somewhere about detectives killing Beth in a motel and their superior came on the scene. Blood was everywhere. He made them clean it up and get rid of the body. Wonder if that is what Morgan Paris is referring to?
» War Eagle - 12-01-14:53 -- Who is the high ranking person with the LAPD?
» War Eagle - 12-01-14:51 -- I slept like a baby BR and have since. My cousin took himself off fb because of the lost. A lot of them have suddenly disappeared. Rhetta
» JackB - 12-01-06:35 -- Found this re Morgan Paris book: 'The reason that her killer was never caught was due to the fact that there had been more than one person who was responsible for her death, as well as two other people who knew all about the crime; and in addition to that, there was a cover-up of the killing that was initiated by a high ranking official of the Los Angeles Police Department which effectively altered the date that she had disappeared and thus made her murder virtually impossible to solve ....