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» Dom.. - 23-09-14:20 -- Just stick around, Rob. We all run low on things to say, but this is a unique forum and we should all try to keep it active.
» BostonRob - 23-09-13:57 -- And, actually, I have a pretty good sense of humor. You should seem my Facebook page. Smile
» BostonRob - 23-09-13:52 -- Sorry folks. Nothing against anyone here. I just have nothing left yo say about this case. JackB, I really liked your comment "Look to your works." Smile When I have nothing left to say all I can do is comment on other's posts and that seemed to be causing problems.
» Roland - 22-09-20:45 -- This place is drying up. Too bad.
» Roland - 22-09-20:44 -- No, he's not really a crybaby. He's just sensitive & somewhat without humor, but a valuable member.
» JackB - 22-09-14:44 -- Hey Roland! I agree, Rob is a crybaby. You and I scared him off. He knows we know more. Ha! Devil
» Roland - 22-09-11:39 -- Danny, you and BostonRob are the two main forces of the forum. I say that respectfully.
» Danny - 22-09-11:04 -- Roland, weren't you the one calling for civil and respectful discussion recently? Why the change of tone? My schedule has changed slightly and there isn't much to discuss on this topic. You fellas and the real sleuthers with all the real documents; why do you need me to start the conversation and debate?
» BostonRob - 21-09-18:19 -- I'm not back.
» Roland - 21-09-18:09 -- I was hoping that would bring you back. And it did!
» BostonRob - 21-09-17:51 -- Crybaby? Now you know why I left.
» Roland - 21-09-15:44 -- Glad to see you posting, Jack. It's very quiet lately. Wonder if the 4um will survive? The crybaby left and Danny is posting less. We'll see....
» Danny - 20-09-09:32 -- Roland, I'll certainly have to wait and reserve my judgment. I will say I'm not a fan of the "Hansen told Dillon to off her" theory but a book about Dillon (and Hansen for that matter) is at least a step in the right direction. The Big 4 i.e. John, Larry, Steve and Don are a joke.
» Roland - 18-09-12:57 -- I forecast your biased appetite augurs well for an auspicious causatum.
» Danny - 13-09-12:49 -- Perhaps I'm bias, but the new book coming out sounds very promising
» Larrynice - 13-09-09:41 -- This books blossoming augur well for the BD case solving.
» Jorum of skee - 12-09-18:10 -- One book from Great Britain and another from Australia!
» blackhawk - 12-09-15:07 -- Seem to be more BD books than ever- mostly light weight, though.
» Danny - 10-09-15:42 -- We're all a little sensitive, Dom. I lost count at how many peeps I supposedly have run off. I agree though, I think he'll be back.
» Dom.. - 09-09-08:47 -- BostonRob is a sensitive fellow who has threatened to leave before. I'm sure he will return. He has a vested interest in the story and has made many contributions over time. Give him some time.
» JackB - 09-09-04:25 -- Do not presume too much, Mr Roland. The Boston Brigade has a fearsome history and may well be merely regrouping to outflank and enfilade us. Look to your works and be ready. Plain
» Roland - 08-09-15:12 -- Now, we can all exhale and say a prayer for our departed comrade.
» JackB - 08-09-11:40 -- Correction: Me, you & Dom kept on bashing him.
» JackB - 07-09-23:29 -- You & Dom kept on bashing him Eh
» Roland - 07-09-13:29 -- BostonRob wussed out? What the...?