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Today in History: In 1969, Sirhan Sirhan is sentenced to death for killing Senator Robert Kennedy.
Shout Box
» BostonRob - 01-03-17:26 -- The screen will go blank and written on it will be "George Hodell Killed the Entire Cast."
» War Eagle - 01-03-11:49 -- Danny..1 more episode and we’re done.
» Danny - 27-02-23:23 -- I had to finally give up on IATN. I couldn’t do it anymore
» War Eagle - 25-02-22:16 -- Unfortunately BR, they probably will.
» kingsta_ja - 25-02-22:14 -- Meh
» BostonRob - 25-02-21:55 -- Finally a decent episode. Although pure fantasy. I just worry that people might take this seriously. Kind of like Oliver Stone and "JFK."
» War Eagle - 25-02-17:53 -- You should. Good doc about Ted Buddy in his own words.
» BostonRob - 25-02-15:44 -- People have been telling me to get Netflix for years. I probably should look into it.
» War Eagle - 24-02-22:11 -- BR..if you have Netflix, give Zodiac a watch. I think you’ll like it.
» BostonRob - 24-02-19:08 -- Uh, oh. Fauna is back on the tube soon. Smile
» BostonRob - 23-02-16:03 -- I need to check my spelling before I hit "Shout Now."
» BostonRob - 23-02-16:02 -- I'll have to read more about this Zodiac deal. So many murders. To little time.
» War Eagle - 23-02-13:20 -- Danny, what about the young man that was parking with the girl when the Zodiac attacked them. He later picked out the guy in a lineup. Not enough evidence although the young man survived the attack?
» War Eagle - 23-02-13:17 -- Would love to see a revelation in this series, but we won’t. I’m sticking with it though.
» Danny - 21-02-15:26 -- War Eagle, that is my understanding too, that GH wasn't living in the country during the 1960s.
» Danny - 21-02-15:25 -- Maybe so War Eagle, maybe so. ALA was compelling as a suspect as was the other weirdo who ran a movie theater.
» Sauce77 - 21-02-13:36 -- Thanks MrTom, I was always curious on what leap he made there.
» MrTom - 21-02-10:36 -- Apparently, Doctor Hodel made business trips to the States, particularly to ad agencies as his business was marketing research. Steve does not provide any plane ticket, boarding pass or passport to place Doctor Hodel in San Francisco on the days of the murders. But he did periodly return to the States.
» Sauce77 - 21-02-06:18 -- And speaking of that, I never read the 2nd book because Steve Hodel lost me at BD Avenger. How does he explain his father doing the Zodiac killings in The SF Bay area while living in Manilla?
» Sauce77 - 21-02-06:11 -- I'm kind of liking the show so far, a little slow at the beginning perhaps. I just went into it knowing it was going to be fake. After all, GH wasn't even living in this country in the 60's.
» War Eagle - 20-02-22:34 -- BR...the whole thing is bad, but we’ve come too far to quit.
» War Eagle - 20-02-22:31 -- are sooo right!
» BostonRob - 20-02-20:41 -- Finish the series? I don't know. Bad plot, script and acting. Fauna involved in a murder. Really. I don't know that I dare watch it to the bitter end. I know. It will end with Fauna going back in time and murdering Beth to frame George Hodel.
» MrTom - 20-02-15:25 -- At this point, I just want to see how it ends. I’ve already invested this much time, so I might as see it through.
» War Eagle - 20-02-11:26 -- have to finish the series. 2 episodes left. Something has to happen!