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» BostonRob - 18-07-21:35 -- Eighteen more posts, Danny.
» BostonRob - 18-07-18:39 -- JusticeforBeth. Come back. Smile
» Danny - 18-07-16:58 -- E was a Larry fanboy but I liked him.
» Storm Drain - 12-07-20:57 -- Br'er Rabbit & Br'er Fox? Iron Eyes Cody, the Indian with the single tear?
» BostonRob - 11-07-12:44 -- Enigmatic? His return would be fun. Smile
» ravenman71 - 10-07-08:55 -- I'm still here mostly lurking.
» Storm Drain - 10-07-08:45 -- And ravenman71? Good that BostonianRob holds down the fort.
» torqueomarone - 09-07-16:44 -- Where's Sauce these days? I always enjoy his posts.
» BostonRob - 08-07-17:38 -- Briar the member of BDIH.
» Danny - 08-07-11:12 -- Huh? Rob, what are you talking about? The "fox?"
» JackB - 07-07-14:42 -- World Cup congratulations USA! We destroy you next time... Sigh
» Dom.. - 06-07-18:39 -- Iron Eyes Cody?
» BostonRob - 05-07-20:27 -- What ever happened to Briar?
» BostonRob - 05-07-14:37 -- Who is in that "Fox" photo in the rotator thingy? The missing week witnesses claim it is Beth Short. Opinions?
» Danny - 04-07-16:23 -- Note: The side of the highways has always been my favorite place to look at trash left behind but us white folks, especially back in the late 70s.
» Danny - 04-07-16:21 -- White people are so stupid. I was looking at a website about filming locations used for the 1976 film, Bad News Bears. Some jerk claimed that the SFV is now like a "third world country" compared to back then because "white people don't graffiti walls and leave their trash everywhere." What Beverly Hills condo was that kid raised in? I grew up in a majority white town and the more you got on the outskirts and into the "country" the more graffiti you saw back then because kids were bored. White people are also notorious for leaving their trash everywhere. The side of the highways has always been my favorite. I remember that crying Native American dude vividly as a kid.
» Danny - 04-07-16:08 -- Rob, I totally agree! Kardashian did. Shoddy police work. They were standing right next to both Kardashian and O.J.'s publicist or personal assistant. Officers should've been more resilient at the Rockingham residence that day. Both Kardashian and that woman should've been arrested and the bag confiscated and tagged for evidence at that point. O.J. was the prime suspect at that point. I think LAPD went soft on O.J. because A) He was rich and a football legend and B) He was a black dude and Rodney King had just happened. However, had O.J. been say, Richard Prior, I don't think LAPD would've rolled out the red carpet for him. That Bronco chase was ridiculous.
» Danny - 04-07-16:03 -- Thanks Jack! USA Women's Soccer has been a force to be reckoned with for quite a while now. I think that's been a tough pill for fuddy old chaps like Piers Morgan.
» BostonRob - 04-07-13:20 -- JackB, I get it.
» JackB - 04-07-12:32 -- I'm still here Rob, but I'm pretty sure I've figured out what happened to Beth Short (well, more or less) so I kinda lost interest Besides, apart from you and Danny, nobody on the Forum interacts with me anyway ... Hehe
» BostonRob - 02-07-16:28 -- Where ya' been, JackB?
» JackB - 02-07-13:22 -- Women's soccer world cup semi-final. US beat England 2-1. We played well but US were better. Good luck in the final, guys. Next time ,. next time .. Devil
» BostonRob - 30-06-18:13 -- And Kardashian disposed of the bag with the bloody evidence in it.
» Danny - 30-06-16:30 -- According to author Jeff Toobin, detectives called O.J. in Chicago from inside his residence.
» Danny - 30-06-16:29 -- and Ron's bodies were discovered