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» BostonRob - 18-02-17:14 -- Fine near San Fran.
» JackB - 18-02-10:52 -- I'm watching the California 'weather bomb' on my TV. Hope you guys OK over there.
» Danny - 17-02-23:18 -- Alright Rob! Way to go! Congrats
» BostonRob - 17-02-21:20 -- Got my CA driver's license today! Me and Beth; wanderers back and forth between CA and MA. Smile
» Chigurh - 17-02-14:57 -- Dateline: L. A. "It never rains in California?" High winds and hard driven rains prevail.
» Danny - 16-02-21:29 -- W.E. I fully agree. If I hear anything I will def let you know
» Omerta - 16-02-00:56 -- Welcome aboard, Sausage! Please post.
» Sausage - 16-02-00:01 -- hi everybody
» BostonRob - 15-02-16:34 -- If they publish that's ok. If they don't that's ok too. I don't care whom they accuse. I just want to know what they know.
» War Eagle - 15-02-15:41 -- Agree Danny. Larry will never publish, but if Mr Shostrom does, let me know. His might be interesting!
» Danny - 15-02-10:04 -- Rob, Shostrom and Larry are never releasing anything. Larry has nothing in way of substance and a lot to lose, in way of Bayley, if he does. Larry is never going to disown Bayley. If he releases a book that doubles-down, he'll be a bigger laughing stock than Wolfe, Hodel and Gilmore combined.
» JackB - 14-02-04:47 -- Rob, Mr Champion poster, you've been ON topic more than anyone too.
» BostonRob - 13-02-17:51 -- I probably have gone off topic more than just about anyone.
» Danny - 13-02-11:51 -- Sus, I've always tried to post "relevant and orderly." I don't feel I've gone "off topic" more than a number of other members but for some reason, I've been singled out at times. Which is ok, I have a thick skin. I'll admit that I can be a wind bag at times, but you certainly have given me a run for the money in that category, sister. Plenty of "whiners" to go around here too, Sus.
» BostonRob - 12-02-17:18 -- Mark Shostrom will have to self-publish his book so it's a question of $$$$.
» War Eagle - 12-02-13:58 -- I drop in on occasion to see if anything is new. What happened to the book that was being written by the guy that knew Ann? Don't remember his name. Can Larrynice sign on now? Hope so.
» suspiria_2 - 10-02-10:22 -- has something happened that would make a bunch of visits like that possible?
» BostonRob - 09-02-20:14 -- Larrynice was checking us out today? Smile
» BostonRob - 09-02-19:54 -- I think we should take it easy on Danny. Without his posts this board would have disappeared a couple of years ago.
» suspiria_2 - 09-02-19:00 -- *whining* Danny's being nice to me! also making posts that are relevant and orderly. someone took him behind the woodshed?
» Danny - 09-02-17:10 -- Good question Rob. C'mon W.E. come back!
» BostonRob - 08-02-20:34 -- Where the heck is War Eagle?
» Danny - 08-02-13:40 -- Ok C, go ahead and sent. I got your last PM telling me to chinstrap and bootstrap it.
» BostonRob - 06-02-11:31 -- Couldn't get on here yesterday. Computer problems?
» Danny - 05-02-11:30 -- C, I know I will have to do some cleaning