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» War Eagle - 20-01-19:53 -- You're welcome Danny. Your wife will love it. You can also watch some of it on You Tube Carrie doing her show Wishful Drinking.
» JackB - 20-01-13:48 -- I just got tickets for Jackson Browne (LA native and one of my lifelong heroes). He's playing Glasgow in June, any other fans out there? Guests cannot see images in posts.
» JackB - 20-01-09:27 -- Inauguration, I'm watching it live ... Guests cannot see images in posts.
» JackB - 19-01-09:43 -- Yes of course - Celtic Rock! They're good.
» BostonRob - 18-01-14:28 -- Hey, JackB, ever heard of "Runrig?
» BostonRob - 18-01-14:27 -- I've heard of "Cage the Elephant." Come on War Eagle, get up-to-date! Guests cannot see images in posts.
» Danny - 18-01-09:59 -- Thanks for the heads up Eagle. I'll have to look into Wishful Drinking for my wife for her birthday. She was bummed when the news broke of Carrie
» War Eagle - 17-01-23:15 -- Carrie Fisher wrote Wishful Drinking amount others. It is harilious BR. I just got her last one but haven't started it yet.
» War Eagle - 17-01-23:13 -- Not a Bear Bryant nor Saban fan Danny.
» Danny - 17-01-19:36 -- LOL, alright Jack! Cage The Elephant? Never heard of them! Guests cannot see images in posts.
» JackB - 17-01-17:25 -- A few of my younger colleagues just took me to a rock concert in Glasgow, it was an American band, 'Cage the Elephant', I never heard of them but they were tremendous! I won a prize for being the oldest guy there! How about that? Guests cannot see images in posts.
» JackB - 17-01-17:19 -- Sounds wonderful Chigurh!
» Chigurh - 17-01-16:22 -- Dateline: Los Angeles: 75 degrees, blue skies, limbs of fruit trees heavy with lemons, grapefruit, oranges and tangerines. Weeds are out of control. Hillsides are green & valleys verdant.
» Danny - 17-01-16:02 -- I'm not looking forward to it, Jack.
» JackB - 17-01-06:41 -- I would say 'apprehensive' rather than 'frightened'. But who knows? Maybe 'it's gonna be great'!
» Omerta - 16-01-19:55 -- How do you feel about Trump, Jack? Is Europe frightened?
» JackB - 15-01-15:11 -- Hello my American friends! Your new President is due soon!
» BostonRob - 14-01-20:43 -- I would say that Beth was killed at about this time 70 years ago.
» Danny - 14-01-19:17 -- LOL, so I take it you're not a Bear Bryant fan, W.E.?
» Danny - 14-01-19:16 -- Carrie was great in Star Wars and the BB. Postcards was great too. That was one of the first times I remember seeing Meryl Streep act
» Danny - 14-01-19:14 -- War Eagle, yeah I saw that. Harnisch is such a putz.
» Omerta - 14-01-14:14 -- Postcards from the Edge
» BostonRob - 14-01-12:35 -- What did she write?
» War Eagle - 13-01-23:36 -- Carrie Fisher is dead and I don't feel so good myself. Lawd! I'm gonna miss her books!