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» JackB - 20-09-13:00 -- Yes! But only small ones - and Mr Crane is aware of them ..
» BostonRob - 20-09-12:56 -- Any fish in your Burn?
» JackB - 20-09-12:51 -- A Burn is a waterway, somewhere between a stream and a river. Mine comes down from the Ochills, running fast over stones. It gets scary when there's been heavy rain up on the hills Butbut. I used to go to Devon when I lived down in England. The weather is the most sun you will get in the UK. North Devon is particularly rustic and beautiful. Also famous for its traditional Scrumpy cider, 7-8% alcohol Crazy.
» BostonRob - 19-09-12:48 -- Jack, have you been too Devon? I here the weather there is quite nice.
» BostonRob - 19-09-12:47 -- Storms are great. Loved them in Massachusetts. In summer the weather comes straight up from the Gulf of Mexico. In the summer it is not unlike the South. If you can just make it through the winter.
» BostonRob - 19-09-12:46 -- What, exactly is a "burn?" Sounds like you have a tough life, Jack. Smile
» JackB - 19-09-11:45 -- Scotland - beautiful at just 20 degrees. i have a wee burn running through my garden, I fall asleep there, in my old chair, listening to the running water.
» War Eagle - 19-09-10:00 -- BR...we are now having a lightning storm. Your wish is our command.
» BostonRob - 18-09-18:44 -- Oh where, of where, did Briar go? Smile
» BostonRob - 18-09-18:42 -- Jack, that's just getting warm.
» JackB - 18-09-13:24 -- What the .. ? 99 F is 37 C. Holy Jesus. Butbut
» BostonRob - 18-09-11:17 -- That sounds like heaven to me. Now just throw in a good lightning storm!
» War Eagle - 18-09-09:41 -- Gonna be 99 today, not including the humidity. Come on over!
» BostonRob - 17-09-15:10 -- I was there in the summer. Smile Love the sultry heat and humidity.
» War Eagle - 17-09-10:58 -- That’s a great combo BR. I visited the battlefield across the Bay a few yrs ago. They were still fighting, didn’t know the war was over. Don’t visit in the Spring or Summer. I thought I was gonna pass out it was so hot. How they stood it in those uniforms is beyond me.
» BostonRob - 16-09-13:50 -- Boston and Mobile are two of my favorite places. How's that for a combo!
» BostonRob - 16-09-13:49 -- And, JackB, if you go study up on American Civil War history. Mobile was deeply involved. The last slave ship (the importation of slaves was illegal by then) landed in Mobile circa 1859. Many descendants of those people still live in and around Mobile. The town has a very long and interesting history. As does Boston. Smile
» War Eagle - 16-09-11:26 -- need to make a trip during Mardi Gras. Much cooler and the lid comes off and parades for 2 weeks.
» War Eagle - 16-09-11:23 -- BR..yes, Bayou La Batre is near here. I live 3 miles from the mouth of Mobile Bay and an hour from the Gulf of Mexico. Can’t tell you suspiria how many times I’ve been in shorts on Christmas Day. Ya’ll come on down, we’ll leave the light on for you. ??
» suspiria_2 - 15-09-16:01 -- mobile is mid 70s on Christmas day, generally sunny.
» JackB - 15-09-14:31 -- Would it be a good place for a retired old man to take a holiday?
» JackB - 15-09-14:29 -- Never been to Alabama - they tell me its nice. Good food ..
» BostonRob - 14-09-18:04 -- War Eagle, I like the heat and humidity and the weird bugs you have down there in the South. And the bayous. Isn't Bayou La Batre (did I spell it right?) down near you?
» War Eagle - 14-09-17:57 -- BR..we haven’t forgotten who won the war!
» War Eagle - 14-09-17:56 -- Suspiria...yes, I live in sweet Home Alabama, although it’s hot as hell.