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» BostonRob - 01/22/23 02:17:25 -- Sorry, "known" in below post.
» BostonRob - 01/22/23 02:16:28 -- Hard to believe. Provincetown's "Jane Doe" know as the Lady of the Dunes has been identified after nearly 50 years. Ruth Marie Terry for anyone who is interested in looking up her case.
» BostonRob - 01/21/23 20:04:26 -- What happened to the board. It went away for a few days?
» BooneT - 01/18/23 18:38:40 -- Gotta be in Medford.
» BostonRob - 01/14/23 00:30:11 -- In the photo-roller thingy is a picture of young Bette in a white outfit. I wonder where it was taken?
» BostonRob - 01/10/23 13:54:58 -- Interesting case. Looks like the guy is guilty. Also looks like he doesn't care much and is enjoying himself.
» BostonRob - 01/06/23 00:44:46 -- It now turns out the eight hour delay may have been misinformation.
» BostonRob - 01/05/23 19:15:29 -- The witness was named Dylan Mortensen. I really would like to know why there was an eight hour delay.
» BostonRob - 01/05/23 19:12:01 -- Unbelievable. One of the roommates in Idaho stood within a few feet of the intruder who was dressed in black and this witness heard odd things from the other rooms and notified no one for eight hours! How does that happen. You see a stranger in your house and hear weird sounds and see the stranger leave and you do nothing?
» BostonRob - 01/03/23 00:49:21 -- Maybe not, Danny. He was doing a study in school interviewing inmates on how it felt emotionally to commit serious crimes. He seemed very interested in the emotions experienced while engaging in criminal activity. I'm not saying that that is what the killer here was doing but I don't think it impossible.
» Danny - 01/02/23 18:27:45 -- What? That’s ludicrous
» BostonRob - 01/01/23 20:44:12 -- Some are hypothesizing that he wanted to learn what it was like to do it and feel the emotions. Maybe we'll learn eventually.
» Danny - 01/01/23 12:43:36 -- He was a criminal Justice student? That’s nuts! Glad to hear there is a suspect in custody but as with any case, we’ll have to see how it plays out.
» JoeyEvans - 12/31/22 19:46:37 -- Happy New Year, you crazy BD people!
» blackhawk - 12/30/22 17:08:06 -- That's good news, but it won't bring back those poor souls.
» BostonRob - 12/30/22 12:59:28 -- A suspect has been arrested in the case of the murdered Idaho college kids. It seems he's a student in a criminal justice program!?
» Holly Graham - 12/26/22 10:42:59 -- Holiday best wishes to all!
» Danny - 12/26/22 03:29:32 -- Happy Holidays Everyone!
» BostonRob - 12/25/22 20:55:26 -- I wish that we had a bit of snow at Christmas. I miss you Boston.
» Inspector - 12/24/22 14:26:51 -- Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
» Danny - 12/24/22 02:15:15 -- Thanks kawaglia. Thanks Rob….yes awful! I can’t imagine! The poor kid
» BostonRob - 12/23/22 02:21:39 -- I cannot really imagine how that poor child was abused. Just dreadful.
» BostonRob - 12/23/22 02:19:50 -- Exactly right, kawaglia. This was one of the first cases of an unknown that I ever learned about. "Tent Girl" was another. Anyone who is interested in this kind of thing should read, "The Skeleton Crew." It's an interesting book. I met the author in a library in Quincy, Massachusetts years ago. One of the very first people to start using the internet to conduct searches was with her. He had begun working for the Quincy police as a car washer for the police department and later became a dispatcher for the department.
» kawaglia - 12/22/22 13:09:42 -- The boy could not be identified. He was dumped in the woods in a bassinet box. The detectives scoured the cities and towns looking for anyone who had purchased a bassinet from Penney’s. They interviewed and canvassed doctors and hospitals who may have treated the boy based on surgical scars. There were no leads. They eventually paid for a tombstone/memorial for him. They never gave up, keeping the boy in the news over a period of sixty plus years.
» Danny - 12/22/22 07:11:09 -- Terrible! Did the investigators simply look the other way? Not enough evidence?